About Us

Well known for its Quality and Customer Service, Precision Bar Codes International (P) Ltd., is a leading Barcode Solution Provider and label printing company, in India. Founded in 1991, we have earned reputation of being a reliable and dependable source of Barcode Solutions, Hardware and Labels.


Our strong emphases on quality standards along with quick deliveries are well known to the customers and competitors alike. We have a stringent quality policy. Each stage of manufacture starting from procurement of raw material to delivery of products follows well-defined guidelines for quality control. We use the most advanced production technologies. Our Barcodes meet international standards set by organizations like ANSI, CEN and ISO.


Quality would be of little use if the products don’t reach the customers in time. Our extremely fast turnaround time is critically important to our customers and we never disappoint them. We also provide all kind of technical support and assistance to our customers and are always available to answer their questions.

Eco Friendly

We minimize and seek to eliminate the release of any pollutant that may cause environmental damage to our planet's air, water and land. Our factory in Gurgaon has been granted non-polluting unit status and we strictly observe regulations in this regard.

Safety & Working Condition

Safety of employees is of utmost importance to the company's safety policy. Our employees are regularly briefed about safety precautions, like fire prevention, accident prevention etc. We enjoy the impeccable safety record of ZERO ACCIDENT since of our existence.

Our factory in Gurgaon, offers one of the best working condition meeting international standards.

We strictly abide by International Laws in our Employment policy. No one below the age of 18 is allowed to work in our factory.

Team Spirit

Single window customer care backed by a motivated team means seamless service to all our customers. We have cultivated a culture of team spirit where in every team member is committed to providing his or her best to the company and to the company's customers.