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  Blank Labels & Thermal Transfer Ribbon

We use the BEST QUALITY Label Stock and Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Call for a full selection of the highest quality of labels and ribbons at the BEST PRICE. You will never ever have an issue with our labels / ribbons.

Please contact us today for a Price Comparison.


Blank Labels If you print your own barcode labels, you will need blank stock

•   Custom die cut labels made as per customer requirement
•   We have a huge inventory of Cutting dies of different sizes
•   Usually ready for next day delivery
•   Common size labels in stock, ready to be shipped the same day


Thermal Transfer Ribbons

•   Qualities available are Wax, Wax-Resin, Resin & Near Edge
•   Different Widths available
•   Suitable for different applications
•   Ribbon for almost every thermal transfer printer
•   Available “off the shelf”


Difference between wax, wax-resin and resin ribbons

  • Wax Ribbon

    Wax ribbons typically contain a high percentage of wax-based materials in the colorant substance. Image durability is typically less. These ribbons are acceptable for applications where little physical contact with the printed image is likely to occur or where image life is short term.

  • Wax/Resin Ribbons
    Wax/resin combination ribbons usually have a higher percentage of resin materials. Since resins are harder than waxes, image durability and chemical resistance is better than that of wax ribbons. It will perform satisfactorily where moderate scratch, abrasion resistance, or mild chemical durability is required.

  • Resin Ribbons

    Resin ribbons contain the highest percentage of resin materials. They have excellent abrasion, scuffing, heat, and chemical resistance and provide the best performance in harsh environmental conditions and are best suited for use with gloss-coated materials. Resin ribbons are best for tags and labels which are for outdoor use, chemical exposure use, medical and pharmaceutical labeling.


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