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Barcode Artworks / Images

We can provide you with Barcode Artworks/Images for use in different printing processes like Offset or Flexo printing. All you need to provide us is the barcode number and the barcode symbology you need. Artwork can be supplied in different graphical formats as per your requirement and these files can be sent over email or supplied physically on a CD.


Barcode Verification

Call us today for a detailed Barcode Verification Report (ANSI) of your barcode. Yes, we are offering Barcode verification facility at a very nominal charge. There are no verification report charges for the barcodes printed by us.
  Why do I need to verify my bar codes?
The most important reason is because customers / buyers demand quality bar codes! There are a number of industries, which will initiate monetary fines for non-readable bar codes.

What is the difference between verification and just scanning with any bar code scanner?
Verification guarantees the bar code you are printing will be able to be read (decoded) by all types of Scanners (Laser, Wand, CCD, etc.). Scanning only guarantees the scanner you are using will decode the bar code.

What is ANSI Verification?
ANSI verification refers to a bar code verification guideline published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This mode of verification assigns a grade to a number of test parameters and an overall grade to the bar code. These grades are reflected in A F.



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